Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Still here......

It's been a while.

7 months to be precise....

And summer has been and gone without as much as a picture or a comment from yours truly. I never made a decision to stop posting, give it up, and I certainly haven't done any less biking, I just haven't really made the effort to be brutally honest.

But, it's time I started making an effort again, and I'll have more time now that the annual dark to dark work days are once again with us, more time to think, plan and procrastinate about kit, routes and the far away promise of a summer.

Anyhoo, I've had a cracking biking year, possibly the best yet. We had an amazing week in the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain with Ciclo Montana, meeting up with Adele and Rik and were fortunate enough that the other couple that were there were equally as great people - that's possibly the great legacy of mountain biking for me, I've met and made some fantastic people whom I'll always consider as friends.

We've also had the usual brilliant weekends in the lakes, the odd Munro or 2 and my absolute favourite event - the 'Ard Rock in swaledale. Spent some really good times riding with Aron and his cronies around Stirling, a wee impromptu trip to Torridon and some other great rides that I can't quite recall at the moment!.

Possibly the biggest change in my biking this year has been discovering some new local stuff, a long enough distance away to tag it onto my old rides up the river to mean that I can ride 60K from the house with very, very little of it being on the hard black stuff. It's a great ride for getting the miles in, lots of wildlife and even a couple of good pubs happy days.

Oh, and I bought a van. Well, not just any van, I bought.........   Vanny! - christened by Maria, and now firmly ensconced in the enjoyrider family. I'll post some pics soon, got a wee overnighter planned for a few weeks, so that'll give me the perfect opportunity to show y'all!.