Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mugdock Cleggfest!

Last night was a cracker of a ride through the best sections of Mugdock park, led by fellow GMBCer Graeme. The club have midweek rides all year, but I don't generally bother as Milngavie is an hour or so in the car, and for most of the year Mugdock is a muddy hovel, and Fairlie is a better option.

Graeme, Des and myself were joined by my bestest Kiwi mate Gareth, and another member called Graeme who I think I met on the new year social ride (must've made an impression!). We started off on singletrack pretty much straight away, Don't know what was the most surprising - Just how dusty the trails were or how bloody high the nettles were. At least nettles don't bite, the Cleggs (horseflys, Adele!) were having a feast on us at every stop, actually biting through clothing!.

The trails were excellent, Flux, Rocky Rooty and the Carbeth huts trail being among the best, dry, fast and with enough rocks and roots to make it very interesting. Hopefully this weather keeps up, and we'll get some more club rides in before the rain gods wake up from their summer slumber.

Gareth and Elaine are back in Scotland for a month, and I'm sad to say I only managed out with them twice, And I never got a chance to see the wee one either. Just need to save some pennies and get to NZ in the future.

Anyway, That'll be the last ride before Italy, apart from possibly a wee hour on the road bike later in the week, So if I needed any more time in the saddle, it's too late!.

Next post will be apre-Molini.


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