Friday, March 14, 2014

Locally sourced....

I've had a really good weeks riding this week, just riding around my local trails. On Monday I headed out for a nightride up to dundonald hill, but got sidetracked in the 'secret woods' trails in the middle of Troon on the way. It's just a little woodland area in the middle of troops most salubrious area, but at night it does feel far more rural. There must be around 2-3 miles of lovely rolling, rooty singletrack, which is perfect for some XC training laps. I'll need to fit some interval training in here this year.

Tuesday was an even nicer ebpvening than Monday, must have been one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen in the shire, but I forgot my camera. Idiot. I had an hour or two messing about on the jumps at Auchincruive, before meeting Julie and two old riding mates of mine, Craig P and big JC. I've not been out with them for ages, so it was great to show them my local stuff, as they are from Kilmarnock, so anything is better than their local trails.

Thursday was our usual figure of eight loop at fairlie, accompanied by Robin and my puffer buddy, kaiser klaus. The trails up there are still muddy, but not as slick, so hopefully they'll continue to drain and show us how good they are in time for summer.

3 nightrides, no rain. Great week.


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  1. Dry trails here at chuffing last! Quick come and visit us so I can show you my local trails x