Saturday, May 3, 2014

Who says there's nae hills in the shire?


I've been trying to get some of my fellow Glasgow MTB club members down to ayrshire for a while now, and the mayday weekend possibly wasn't the best time to ask again. Anyhow, my mate Graham made it today, and joined Robin, Stu, Julie and I for a day of quality pity trails, real ale, and good food.

Weather was surprisingly good, 13 DegC for most of the day, which made the huge amount if climbing tough. As we were showing Graham around, we wanted to show him as much as we could, which meant a hell of a lot of climbing. A baw hair short of 4000 feet to be precise.

Great day, great trails, good food and beer. Home for a shower and a curry, and plans for heading up to Yorkhill children's hospital tomorrow to see our wee niece, the wee soul.

Good weekend.






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