Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last thin sliver of summer....

As we career toward september, the need to squeeze all that is left out of the summer is almost as pressing as thoughts of lighting the woodburner. However, this time of year, along with the fresh, dry days of march are amongst my favourite times of the year, so a free saturday on such a day is not to be taken for granted.

My usual riding buddies were all up to other things, So I turned to the Sauchie massive for some more cracking riding in their back yard. We met at Comrie croft, a relatively new trail centre to the west of Perth, and had about 90 minutes of eye opening steep, rocky action. I had this place down as a pretty tame,almost Drumlanrig type place, short and for beginners. How wrong I was. It is short, but it's a rocky tech fest, and an absolute joy. I'll be back, and soon too.

After some really good coffee and Carrot cake from heaven itself, We headed off along the road for a bit, before turning north and climbing for a fair while to Loch  Turret. Nothing techy up there, but amazing views and good crack with the boys, and girl!. It was bloody cold at the loch itself, so we never hung about for long, but instead opted for a fast blast back to the road, before tackling a nasty headwind and towing everyone back into Comrie. I felt really fresh today, perhaps down to having a bit of a week off, but quite pleased anyway. I'll need to be stronger for the 'Puffer this year, so this is a good base to start training I reckon.

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