Monday, April 6, 2015

Humble beginnings....

Robin and I met Aron at Comrie croft this morning, planning to do a couple of hours of a familiar loop up to Loch Turret, and then some man made trail fun at Comrie.

That was the plan anyway, but once we climbed up toward the reservoir, We decided that it was far, far too nice a day to not venture a bit higher into the hills. It's a fair old climb up to Turret, but s really nice one, in beautiful Perthshire countryside. 

There was a wee bit of hike a bike, but once up on the plateau, some really nice LR track, though there was some serious pockets of snow on occasion. Scotland - where else can you be traipsing through 2 foot of snow in short sleeves?!.

A really enjoyable, fast, fun descent from the summit down to the water again was great reward, then some gorgeous deciduous woodland, red squirrels and red kites to boot. Then coffee and an awfa' lump of carrot cake to finish. 

Great prep for next week in Spain!.

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