Friday, March 8, 2013

A change in the weather.

This Wednesday nightride signalled a wee change in the weather, the last 3 weeks settled spring-like conditions disappeared, being replaced by a blustery cold, and the return of the scotch mist. We managed to get the ride in before the rain started, and trails were as dry as they have been since before last summer.

I've met and ridden with a fair few folks from the singletrack forum over the years, and we were joined by another, Oli, a suvverner who is up working at the boatyard in fairlie. We did the usual two big climbs and two descents, but didn't hang about long at the top, as it was bloody wild. Klaus was test riding my Santa Cruz, but I don't think he really got on with it, due to it maybe being too big, not the ideal place to ride it, and the fact that the beardiesinglespeeder doesn't really do full sussers!. Looks like it'll be going on fleabay then.

Another cracking ride up the moor, hopefully we will start getting the upper descents in shortly as well, especially as the clocks to forward soon. All this climbing along with a couple of spin classes a week is definitely starting to show in my biking, and getting the cx bike out on the road will only help. Looking forward to the velodrome on Sunday, but a wee bit anxious too. 30mph, nae brakes, and riding within a couple of inches of other track newbies sounds like a recipe for disaster!. Hopefully I'll get some pics, not me in Lycra though, that'd be too much!. ;-)

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  1. Have a great time at the velodrome! Looking forward to the Lycra pictures!