Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A wee sunset road spin.

I finally got the rear mech, cassette and chain fitted to my Ridley cx bike today, the parts have been lying waiting since last week, and after fitting them, I was keen to get out and get it going. So, after dinner, I headed out northward, but for some reason my garmin wasn't playing ball, I think I may have filled the memory capacity. Just a short route, must have only been about 15 miles, but had a climb up dundonald hill included. I think the hill is going to be a good training hill for me for the various events I have planned,it's pretty short but tough, and good for a bit of session end intervals.

Back after an hour in time for Maria's bedtime story, and some chill out time before night shift. Fairlie moor tomorrow night, spin on Thursday, and first accreditation at the new sir Chris hoy velodrome coming up on Sunday. Good stuff.

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