Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ferry good.

It can only be a good day when you crack open your breakfast egg, and it's a double yolker. That, and the fact the sun is high in the sky before you set off. Despite being up more than early enough to get ready for a wee ferry trip ver to Arran, I still ended up making the connecting train by the skin of my teeth, mainly due to Maz deciding she wanted to find the battery charger for the camera about ten minutes before I was due to leave. Que me also forgetting my sunglasses and debit card. Great start turns sour.

Anyway, after the hour on the ferry, Robin and I decided to go and do the big loop up and round the cock of Arran, which we had ridden a couple of years ago on the epic 90k Arran end-to-end.

We had planned on going higher, but the tops still look very icy, so that decision was made for us. Despite this, the loop is a very good ride. Starting off with a bit of a monster road ride - 14 miles up and over the boguillie (a big steep Tarmac climb) sees you descending on the road at warp speed into Lochranza. We then had to climb up the rocky path leading to a fast, grassy and stony descent down to the quaint looking Laggan cottage.

This is then followed by a lovely, chilled seaside path along the front to the fallen rocks at Sannox. Memories of first meeting big G and Elaine along this very bit of path 2 years previously made me smile. They were a couple who were visiting from NZ, that I ended up becoming good friends with in the short 6 months that they were here.

Anyway, soup and coffee in the Sannox bay hotel, followed by more seaside riding back to Brodick was completed with ice cream and a beer before heading back to snivelisation, and promises to be made to get back across soon. 32 miles later, and a touch of sunburn, I was tucking into another one of the wee yins awesome dinners. Who needs church when Sundays are like this?. ;-)


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