Thursday, April 4, 2013

Light riding.

After the beginning of BST a the weekend, I was really looking forward to getting a night ride in that didn't involve compete reliance on artificial light. We weren't disappointed. The view from the top of Fairlie moor during a spring or autumn sunset rivals anywhere else in the country in my opinion, and tonight was a perfect example.

From Ailsa Craig in the south, the Arrochar Alps in the north, right out to the Paps of Jura out west beyond the Mull of Kintyre, we were spoiled on a fine spring evening. This was also the first nightride of the year that we'd ventured right to the top of the Kaim hill descent, and apart from the odd wee snowdrift stubbornly lingering from the previous week, the trail was lovely and dry.

Have a look for yourself.

Craig with his game face on..


Largs and the Arrochar Alps behind


Isle of Arran


Robin coming off Kaim Hill


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