Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fairlie windy, then the borders for my first enduro.

Four of us headed up our usual trails on Thursday night, finding the fairlie trails in tip top dry condition again, amazing how much difference a wee dry spell makes. The northerly wind was making a nuisance of itself when up top of the moor, which at least keeps the midges down. The midges on fairlie moor were actually a genetic mutation, born out of desperation during the First World War. They were made into a mutant hybrid, with sharks, at the mod pier down in the village, so a wee wind is sweet.

Anyway, that was the last ride before the Tweedlove enduro race at Glentress forest, near Peebles in the borders.Enduros are the emperors new clothes, the next big thing, basically it's a race that you can ride with your mates, due to the fact that the race features a series of timed sections, ranging from a few minutes to around fifteen minutes, and as everyone is set off at 30 second intervals, there's always an opportunity to overtake yer mate,

So here's a wee synopsis.

Stage 1 - really easy, just two sections of the blue at Glentress, berm baby berm and electric blue.

Stage 2 - pretty long and rocky, which after following the big bugger climb up to it, keeps you on yer toes!. I overtook Gavla on this section, so happy days.

Stage 3 - a big old techy descent back to the Peebles hydro area. I rode this pretty poorly, as Robin had a bit of a fall right at the start, and looked like he wasn't moving, I stacked straight after too, so my riding mojo was gone. I minced down this a bit. (Mincing is when you ride like a big Jessie-imagine Julian Clary on a bike, that was me.)

Stage 4 - Just nuts, steeper, muddier and rootier than anything I've ever ridden before. Mincetastic.

Stage 5 - see stage 4!

So, anyway, I'll be back next year, as I have unfinished business!. I hardly took any pictures as it was a race, there wasn't much time for pussyfooting around, but here's a couple from the start and the end.





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  1. sounds like a tough race! Great experience for you though and will mean you'll be mentally ready for next time!