Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Into the light.....

Finally, after a long winter, on Tuesday night we managed to get our first night ride in on the moor without the need for lights, but only just. No pictures, as I try not to take a pack with me when riding evenings without the lights. I tend to find riding for a couple of hours, unless it's really warm, I'm fine without water, and there is no cumbersome battery to carry either, so a spare tube, multi tool and C02 cartridges fit in a stash pocket. It's much nicer riding pack free, but it means no room for a camera.

So we went up and rode the full Kaim descent, and had a couple of full runs down kilruskin, which is still riding exceptionally dry and fast, a bit too fast for young Lloyd, who had a bit of a front wheel washout and what looked like a spectacular stack, given how far he ended up away from his tangled bike, and as he let me know later, a cracked helmet. That's what happens when you mix youthful exuberance and tyres being too hard!.

Nearly 2 hours riding, then back home, quick shower, and nightshift. Livin' the dream ;-))).

No riding this weekend, as Maz, myself and toots are off to Auld Reekie for a wee break, so I'll take advantage of time off the bike and get my wheels for the impending new arrival rebuilt at sprockets. Every cloud has a silver lining!.

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