Friday, October 25, 2013

You wait ages for a post...

And then two come along at once.

I know I've not posted for ages, still been doing lots of biking, but not really anything different, just the usual local trails. I was back up at fairlie again last night with klaus, as Des was nursing a fatal case of manflu, and Robin is away doing his best Thelma and Louise in the states, I've been coughing up green stuff all week, so struggled a bit on the climbs, but otherwise a great, clear night. Good way to get gee'd up for a night shift.

We also hatched a wee plan for a longer ride than usual through the shire on Sunday, I'll need to remember the camera for that. We were supposed to be doing the Perth enduro this weekend, but the weather has been stinking, and the trails will be a mire, so I'll save the forty quid entrance fee for another day.

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