Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn colours. Wind and rain included.

Klaus and myself had decided on Thursday night to ride up to fairlie, getting some road miles in (and the odd bit of trail along the way) instead of the usual car journey. The extra hour in bed this morning was welcome, and softened the blow of going out in the wind and rain whilst Maz and Maria were enjoying a leisurely Sunday breakfast.

The winds not always bad, and a prevailing southerly blew me all the way to Eglinton park where I met klaus. Lots of chat followed of klaus' next bike, my next bike, the strathpuffer and other less worthy things, such as work and home life, before we started to climb up and out of Dalry toward the moor.

I must admit, once we got up to the start of the big descent, I wasn't feeling the love. Cold, wet and windy, with the trails slithering around below your tyres means all thoughts of quick times and wheels off the ground were quickly replaced by thoughts of getting down off the hill and into the village inn for hot soup and a pint of the shires finest ale, schiehallion. We weren't disappointed, with a hot cream of asparagus to accompany the beer.

55k all in, so some good training for the forthcoming rides.



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  1. Beautiful images of beautiful countryside. I think autumn rides are so appealing for such scenes and also the hot, warm rewards we treat ourselves too after the ride!