Friday, December 27, 2013

A wet, wild struggle

Today was the only day I could ride this week, as it's been family time over Christmas, and work calls tomorrow and Sunday, so face the weather we did. Robin and myself met up with Aron and Charlie at cambusbarron to ride the trails at North third reservoir. It was pretty wild all day, with a Robin nearly being blown off his bike at one point, whilst we were crossing the dam wall at the head of the reservoir, indeed, the reservoir was more like a raging sea than an inland water.

I had the new bike out for its first outing, and as there was an issue with my back wheel, I borrowed a wheel from young Lloyd, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but Jesus! Those minion dhf dual ply tyres are unbelievably draggy and slow, I felt as if I was towing Des along behind me the whole way. My rear brake was dragging a little too, so I understandably struggled to keep up with the others. I've not really looked at shock and fork settings and pressures yet, so I'll need to get on with that as it felt incredibly slack. Not enough air in the rear and too much in the forks, aligned to a massive front tyre meant I was too far back for the whole ride. I've a feeling the hans dampf tyres may be swapped out, but I'll give them another chance, once I get the rear wheel sorted.

Going down hill was a different matter, very confidence inspiring and I'm looking forward to some big days in the mountains on it!.

We have friends coming for dinner and drinks on Saturday night, but I may try and get a sneaky morning ride in before work on sunday...

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