Saturday, December 14, 2013

Burning the midnight oil

I had the bright idea to get a training run for the puffer in, straight off my backshift at 11pm on Thursday night. It was a really mild night, into double figures degC, so the odd rain shower wasn't too bad. I took some back roads to tarbolton where the plan was to pick up some new trails I'd found recently and then hit the trails on the river Ayr way, and stay out into the wee small hours.

All was going fine until I was heading through the new trails, 12 miles from home, and I rode over a stick that snapped and ripped a bloody great gash in the side of my tyre. It was my own fault really, as I had pretty much wrecked this tyre the last weekend we had in the lakes, as it's a fairly thin walled mud tyre, not meant for the rocky abuse that Lakeland trails dish out.

So, I managed to bodge the tyre with an inner tube and an energy gel packet, and limped home at 2am. Pretty disappointed, as I was feeling okay and was just getting to the good bits. A close escape I suppose, as the only inner tube I had was one that Julie had fixed in the back of the car on the way to the cobbler! (I say fixed, I checked it the day after, and it was predictably flat).

I'm feeling okay about the puffer, as I'm getting decent miles in, and spin classes help too.

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