Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bye bye 2013....

My strava shows 115 rides and nearly 3000 kilometres for 2013, which is okay, not startling, but also doesn't include my commuting and biking into town. Plan for 2014 is to hit 5000k. I'd thought about 5000 miles, but that's maybe a bit much (okay for a roadie, but riding a bike on Tarmac is pish easy, innit?).

I've got no excuses this year, I'm armed with all the bikes I need (want?) so I'm for giving it a right good go, and Maz is always cool with me going out whenever I feel I need fresh air. Lucky dude? Si seƱor!.

Anyway, first of January, I always like to get out and about and set the tone for the following year, and this year is no different.



I met up with Robin (eventually) and my puffer mucca, klaus, at fairlie railway station, and the plan was that after my good lady wife dropped me off I would ride back to the in laws to meet her. And that's what we did, to summarise -

Kaim game is pretty wet, woodland singletrack has a couple of trees down (I'll get the chainsaw out soon) lower woodland singletrack is slipper than a Scottish labour MSP, and then the blast along the beach is just the same as ever....

Glentress at the weekend with a few old friends, concluding another great start to the year. Bring it on.


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