Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finally, some winter weather


Julie and Martin

On Friday, Julie, Martin Wheeler and I headed down through straiton to stinchar bridge, for a familiar ride, but one we hadn't done in a while. It was great to see some snow on the ground, instead of the usual rain and gloomy mud we have gphad for the last wee while. After long though, we were getting hammered with hail and sleet, and that wasn't as welcome. A true grimfest of a ride, one which will surely earn plenty points in the karma bank for the summer ahead.

In summary, we did the Cornish loch loop, over the forest drive, or as the local roadies refer to it, the 'strada giglia', on to loch doon, then up and over the nick of the loup to loch bradan, before back to the car. Frozen toes, soaked, but still smiling. 19.5 miles, not a bad wee ride to get the post puffer legs going again.


Martin descending to Cornish loch


Cornish loch


Almost done.."


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