Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fairlie grim.....


I'd been looking forward to a wee Saturday ride up the moor all week, and the blue sky in the morning promised a fine days riding, even though we knew that due to the previous weeks rain that the trails would be challenging. About an hour after the blue morning skies were sighted, the grey, cold rain and wind moved in for the day. The tone was set.

Anyway, after getting the train to Dalry to meet robin and mejulie, we headed up on the long Tarmac climb to the good stuff. The only downside of gaining height (the Kaim hill trails climb to over 1000 feet, and descend to sea level) is that if there is a wee wind at sea level, you can guarantee that it'll be blowing a hoolie at the top. And it was, a really cold south easterly too.

There was a wee bit of snow up there too, hopefully a sign of things to come, as I for one am a bit fed up of riding through mud, and want some crispy, frosty trails instead. It didn't last long, as soon as we descended from the quarry, back to the mud. :-(

All the trails were riding really tough, the tyres squirming for grip all the while, but I don't know if there's a tyre about that would have made much difference today. We than headed down and rode the kilruskin sweet singletrack stuff, that has suffered a wee bit with fallen trees due to the recent winds. I'll need to get up with the chainsaw soon, and clear it again.

Back up the road, and then a final descent down fairlie glen. Which always delayed due to Julie being a wee Jessie, not wanting to ride over the burn, or walk over it, as the stepping stones were covered because the water is really high. Cue our ulster knight in shining armour!.


We were all getting bloomin cold waiting for her!.

There is only one thing that gazumps the final descent into fairlie glen. The village inn, good food and awesome real ale. The liver and bacon was in my thoughts from about Thursday!.





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