Sunday, October 19, 2014

Perthshire delights...

The Fab Four of Klaus, Robin, Des and yours truly had a rare day out riding today, opting to head north to the short but very sweet man made stuff at Comrie croft near Crieff.

A hideous morning meant a wee coffee was required in the cafe at the trail head was required to get both the legs and the mojo going. It's a fantastic wee set up, pretty compact, but also pretty techy, with no shortage of rock features, mud, roots and gravity too. The last blue descent is one of the best man made flowy, swoopy trails anywhere in the country, a real hoot to ride, and they also managed to eke every bit of fun out of the hill.

There's also plenty of activity on thd trail building front, which is totally at odds with every other trail centre in Scotland.

Safe to say, we'll be back soon.

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  1. Great to read your riding stories, I am a silent stalker of your blog!! But arrggh Comrie Crofts has nasty memories for me. Fell off (stupid error on my part) and landed on a piece of wood hidden in the grass - sore ribs and bruising the result! Hopefully, next time I get to ride there will be a better experience. Elaine