Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's been a while.....

Lots of things has happened since my last post really, Mainly starting a new job has been the biggest change, especially as for the first time in over 16 years, I work 'normal' hours as opposed to shifts. When I worked at GE, I was only about a mile from there, and sometimes it seemed more hassle getting the bike out to get there than it was worth. GSK is 8.5 miles away, a far more worthy commute, and a great way to get extra miles in, particularly in the winter months, as when I get home from work, the fire is lit and forcing yourself outside again for a nightride is hard to do.

I'm also back doing spin classes again, which also supplements the lack of night riding at the moment, and is a far better workout, especially as one class is fast paced and quick changing, whereas the second class is a longer, endurance based affair. It's only 4 months til we go riding in Spain, so all this riding will be worth it!.

I have been doing some MTBing, just the usual haunts, River trails, Fairlie, Dumyat with Aron and Charlie, nothing too far as I can't be bothered with 2 hour drives to the the likes of the tweed valley at this time of short daylight.

Robin and I had a nice spin on the fat bikes yesterday too, parking at Balmaha at the SE end of Loch Lomond, and following the WHW as far as Rowardennan YH before turning back and riding the trails in reverse. Was pretty cold, damp and frosty under tyres too, but a good wee ride in decent enough surroundings. The fat bike is brilliant for rides like this, great for covering distance on a variety of trails, Though the lack of a dropper post hold you a bit on techy, steep sections, but that kind of riding is few and far between on rides like this anyway.

We've got a Winter solstice ride planned next sunday, to ride the shortest day from sunrise to sunset, plan is to ride as far as we dare up the river - River Ayr way is 44 miles long - then turn and come back in time for a nice rewarding tea. Should be good, and good training for Robin in his puffer build up.

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