Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another cracker on the Isle...

Myself, Des, Julie, Drew and Martin were joined at ardrossan harbour by some folks I'd met online at trailscotland - Aron, Chris and Charlie, all from the Stirling/Falkirk area. I'd been promising Aron that I'd take him over and show him what Arran had to offer for ages now, and a recent shoulder injury for him had delayed us until now.

As it was a Sunday, the first ferry was a little later, which meant we didn't really have enough time to do the whole cock of Arran and two glens ride. So, we decided to just do the two glens, riding up the road to Sannox and at Drews usual mental average speed.

The ride up Glen Sannox starts gentle enough, but we were soon met with some monsoon rains, and when that finished, the midges decided it was lunch time, and that was bloody horrific!. The hike a bike up the top of Glen Sannox is a bit mental, and we had to do our usual chain bike carry, as it's so steep, that both hands are required. Once up on the saddle, we were above midge level, so the Julie-baiting carried on...

The descent down Glen Rosa is every bit as good as it is frustrating, due to the constant drainage ditches, and the erosion meaning that every pedal stroke has to be well thought out, otherwise an over the bars follows, and there were a few of them, me included!..

Great ride though, only 17.5 miles, but that's Arran miles... And a lovely pint at the Douglas hotel too. We were met on the ferry by a couple of my mates from my club, Glasgow MBC, who'd been over for the weekend too. So a nice sociable end too.

Was great to ride with Drew and Martin again as well, as their both cracking riders, and a right good laugh. Sweet.






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