Sunday, September 8, 2013

The last ever RAF Leuchars air show

Our enjoyment of this fantastic event has been slightly tempered by the sad fact that 2013 is supposedly the last ever time that this show will be held at leuchars, and we've only just recently discovered it.

After a good two and a half hour drive up from the shire, we popped on the park n ride bus from St. Andrews, and 10 minutes later, we were watching the Hercules and typhoons of the Austrian Air Force perform their attack and defence manoeuvres. Awesome.

RAF Leuchars is absolutely huge, we were astounded by the sheer size of the place, and it was jam packed with really interesting aircraft to get close up to. From teeny tiny giro copters of the past, to Cold War lightning a, right up to the mighty VC10.



Wing commander Maria Bowie



There were so many amazing displays, and if I'm honest, we'd really gone to see the red arrows, but for me, the typhoons stole the show. They are incredible to watch, lightning quick, they can turn on a sixpence and the ground shaking noise leaves your jaw on the floor. I was hooked.

Maria had a great time, as there was also a funfair!.


Happy days indeed. Afterwards, we headed into St. Andrews with Mark and Gwen, and into the dolls house for dinner, a fantastic end to a fantastic day. Truth be told,I was struggling to keep my eyes open on the drive home, and the three of us fell into bed at 10pm sharp.

Never thought I'd get sunburnt so late in the year, but my ginger Pictish skin tones had other ideas...


Yes, there was one missing!.


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