Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hitting the jumps with the token female...


I find it easier to drag myself out of bed on nightshift week if there is some singletrack action on the cards, and in perfect autumnal conditions like today, it's even easier. I met Julie after she had finished work at 3 and we headed up to the local jumps in Auchincruive woods, as Julie continues her transformation from XC/Roadie whippet to DH/Enduro queen.

The last time I was up there with Robin and Des I didn't feel confident on the wee gap jump, but thankfully my mojo is slowly returning and had no such problems this time.


Julie is nothing if not determined. This determination is now being focused on doing the wee gap jump too, and promises were made to return and get nailing it before Robin and Des do (she's not competitive, honest!)

She was hitting a couple of smaller jumps, and really getting used to her new bike. She shouldn't be too long before she starts hitting some bigger stuff.we then headed up river to do the usual singletrack sections up toward Annbank, which are pretty dry just now, and running really well.

Julie was keen to head back to the jumps again, so who was I to argue?!. Another good few runs, and it was time to head back to town, as Julie had to get back to feed the pony, and I had to get back in time for Maria returning from a playdate. Brilliant, a wee stolen ride in the afternoon, can't be beaten.



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