Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First cold, crisp nightride

As much as I love a group ride with friends, I also absolutely love solo nightrides, and even more so when conditions were as perfect as last night. A mere 3 degC, not a breath of wind, clear skies and a panorama of stars. The trails were littered with crunchy autumn leaves, hiding the mud and roots below. Brilliant.

I headed up the River Ayr Way, up the long side to Annbank, the first time I've rode that side of the river since spring. Sad to see that the damage that had been done then by cattle breaking through the paltry fence hasn't been repaired, which is purely down to council apathy for not pursuing the farmer to get the damage repaired. You better believe if the shoe was on the other foot the farmer would have been paid handsomely by now.

Just before Annbank, my helmet light gave up the ghost prematurely, that's the second time in a few weeks, so it'll be going back for a wee warranty visit. Fortunately I had a light on the bars too, so could continue on and enjoy the rest of the ride. The woods at Auchincruive were eerily silent, save for the odd owl hoot, and some far distant fireworks, switching the light off and taking in the calm, coal-like darkness is quite something.

I was out for less than two hours, and only covered about 14 miles, but home for before 8.30 for tea and toast, with a rosy glow and a hot shower to look forward to. Bring on winter.

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  1. Non rainy Crisp night rides are great. Sounds like a good ride