Thursday, January 17, 2013

A week in one post...

As I said in my last post, it's great finding new trails to ride, but sometimes some maintenance is required to squeeze the best out of these ribbons of fun. With that in mind, Des, Robin and myself headed you to our recent find with the chainsaws and other implements to clear windfall trees and do some drainage work and the likes. Two and a half hours later, and the whole descent of around a kilometre is completely clear, ready for action. Pictures to follow!.

No biking on Sunday, as it was my daughters sixth birthday, family duties followed.

Monday was spent at Ayr university grounds, where the authorities had decided that some beautiful big old trees just had to come down... Idiots. Anyway, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I got two loads of logs for next years winter warmth.

Thursday brought another cold and crisp day, so I decided to go and get myself a decent set of secateurs and head up to Annbank to prune some eye height branches on a local strava segment descent. Wasn't the best of light, so not much opportunity for decent pics, but I got a couple.

Trails are still really cut up due to the amount of rain we've had recently, but the cold weather has crisped them up a little, giving a little more speed and grip.

Today - Thursday 17th January, my prize for winning the MBR readers photo competition finally arrived. I'm not really going to get too excited, as it'll be going straight on eBay as I'm waiting for the osprey 2013 bags to come out in the spring.

I won it for this image.

Anyway, I've spent too long on here, I need to go and get my biking stuff ready, as I'm heading off with the bike club this weekend, for a sociable ride and stay over on the bonnie banks. Bikes, beer, pizza. All good.


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