Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fairlie moor from Dalry.

My wee student riding buddy, Craig miller, Steve Muller from Glasgow MTB Club and myself had a ride in very mild winter conditions in my favourite local riding spot, Fairlie moor. Meeting Steve at Dalry railway station, we had a climb for 5.5 miles on quiet country roads to the high point of the moor road.
Then the gradient gets ramped up and some serious mud is thrown in to the mix, although its not a long climb, so nothing to worry about. Before the kaim hill descent, there is a wee narrow traverse around the hill, then it's down down down on my favourite descent in the 'shire - Kaim game on Strava if you want a look.
The rest of the descent into fairlie is on some lovely swoopy woodland singletrack, with some burn splashes and rocky double track thrown in for good measure. Coffee n tablet in fairlie at the village inn (too early for ale!) then Steve departed for the train back to Dalry. Myself and Craig then carried on along the shore path, then up the devilish haylie brae, in search of the rumoured Largs DH track.
Turned out to be a bit disappointing, which is a shame, as there is scope for some serious gravity up there, with the hills being almost right on top of the town. Train home, steak pie, and Lego in front of the fire with my daughter, Maria. Good times.

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