Sunday, January 6, 2013

Old patch, new trails...

To my mind, there is nothing better in biking than riding a new trail. This is even better when it is a new trail that is so close to your old trails, so close in fact that you must have rode past it so, so many times!.

I had the pleasure of doing such a thing today. I had seen some trails in a wee woodland a few months back, and stored it to the memory bank. A few of us were riding on fairlie moor with Iain, a fellow GMBC member, who hadn't ridden up on the moor, and was keen to see what the trails were like.

After dropping from kaim game, we entered the woods, and what a trail!, like something from one of the big budget movies shot in BC, a narrow ribbon of pine needled perfection was rolled out in front of us. After recent winds, there were a couple of big trees down, and promises were made to return next weekend, armed with the necessary two stroke sculptors to despatch them.

The trail then flows on for another mile or so, and after the amount of rain we've had, it is in amazingly good nick. I for one can't wait to ride it after we have a days work at it, in its unbroken, flowing state. As we all know, there is a law which states that what comes down, must go up, and this applies straight away, meaning the steep fairlie moor road has to be tackled to get back up to the fun stuff!.

After another sloppy, rooty descent back to the village inn, for the customary coffee and tablet, the train back to civilsation beckoned, and the prospect of a night shift to follow... Oh, joy.


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