Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Powdery night ridin'

Last nights night ride at Fairlie moor should hopefully become a weekly ride, climbing the fairlie moor road twice in a ride should be good training for the forthcoming enduros and ultimately, our Italian alpine sojourn. Robin, Des and myself met at fencebay smokehouse for a blast in the snow and hard mud, which was treacherous in places, but an absolute joy in others. In particular, the traverse around the side of black hill was great, with hard ground meaning direct power from legs to tyres, and the powdery snow providing surprisingly good grip.

The fairlie glen descent then preceded another grunt up the moor road, to ride the newly discovered woodland singletrack down kilruskin glen. About 80 minutes riding in near perfect almost windless conditions was great, but the weather looks like next week will see a return to the usual mudfest.

Des and Robin
A few of my riding buddies are off to the Lakes this weekend, but it's my working weekend, hey ho, can't win them all....


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  1. You didn't miss much we didn't get out tyres wet/snowy at all. Instead drank too much and had a night in the van!