Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fairlie great

Meeting at Dalry station at Half past ten on Sunday morning, some of us were on time, but as usual, the walkers divas rolled in ready to ride, well, ready to chat and faff, if that counts. As usual, Stuart blamed Julie and vice versa.
Anyway, on we went with an 8k road climb, before turning off road onto cauldron hill, where the proper climbing, also known as pushing, begins. A wee double track contours round the hill, which usually gives the legs some respite, bit it was so wet it was like pedalling in sand. This trail leads onto another push up onto glentane hill, and the first strava descent of the day. Young Lloyd, aka Craig tried in vain to take my crown, but was thwarted by mud and big peaty drops.
Lloyd tries to no avail... Largs in the background
Des then departed as the rest of us headed up the big climb, kaim hill, for the most techy descent in the fairlie alps. My thighs were struggling after a spin class in the days previous, but managed to hold on. Again, young Lloyd tried to take another of my KOMs, in vain. He'll get them one day, but not just yet!. This time it was Julie and Stuart's turn to bail out, as Stuart had a dog to eat, or feed, or something like that. Vegans are weird.
Robin, Lloyd and myself then had a cracking run down kilruskin glen,the new trail, before slogging back up the moor road, which was busier than ever, due to fairlie Main Street still being closed after the weeks tragic events.
So, softer contouring along the bottom of black hill, another great descent ensued, all the way back down into fairlie glen, and the rockfest that lies therein. 30k and over 2700ft of climbing later, a train delivered us back to prestwick, and the delights of Finbar flanagans emporium, and it's ice cold comforting Heineken.
Today was almost like the first day of spring, and the weather looks great for the rest of the week, so a busy biker means a busy blogger. Sweet.

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