Friday, February 22, 2013

Feeling stronger - The long road to Liguria.

After Sundays ride up on the moor, we were keen to get back during the week, so Des, Robin and myself ventured out on a cold, clear Wednesday night for what is fast becoming our night ride of choice. I've been night riding at a big variety of trails over the last few years, like Drumlanrig, Carron valley, Mugdock park, Mabie and a fair few more, but FM has become my favourite. Pretty lucky that, as it's just up the road.

Although it's tough on both legs and lungs, the geography of the area means that you gain height very quickly straight away, no big long dull slogs, it's straight up, which means the descending is never far away. The trails don't tend to hold too much water either, and after the last weeks dry spell, it's riding really, really well.

I love the way that there is a real feeling of exposure at certain parts of the ride, then you pop out onto a wee promontary or hillock, and get a view of all the lights of the ayrshire coast, from Ayr in the south, to Largs a few miles up the road and beyond. An hour and a half is perfect before heading home for a warming shower and hot tea.

I had another spin class this week as well, my 2nd in 5 days. I'm pretty sure this will be good, concentrated training for this years events, as well as July's trip to the Italian Maritime Alps. I'm pretty sure I could feel small benefits already, on today's ride.

I left work at 3 this afternoon, straight out onto the trails around the river Ayr. At a pretty decent pace, I was at Stair in less than 45 minutes, and again managed to restrain myself from venturing in for an ale by the fire. Back down through Annbank, think I may have nailed my KOM time on the bowling descent but I've not checked yet, and on toward Ayr. Checked out the pump track and new trails being built at Kyle academy looks very promising, they've got through a power of work in barely a week. 20 miles later, I was back home and had just enough time for a hot shower before Maz had a huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs in from of me. I'm a lucky Bowser indeed.

3 good rides this week, hopefully next week will offer similar weather, as I'm off all week. Sweet.

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