Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stolen rides...

Sometimes having a little one makes you realise that you have to make best use of your time, grabbing a ride here and there when the inevitable chance comes calling. I've not been out on the bike all week, due to many reasons, but mainly, painting, having workman in all week, and the truly biblical wind and rain we have been blessed with all week.

So come Saturday, and with Maz working all weekend, there didn't look like I had a chance to reverse the trend. But wait, what is this in the calendar? Maria has a birthday party from 1 til 3?! Happy days. So it was, I dropped her off looking unlike any other parent dropping there wee yin off, in full bike regalia, and the heckler propped up at their gate. Thing is, I didn't even get a strange look, all the other parents must be used to it by now. Probably even have a name for me....

90 minutes later, I'm peeling off mud covered layers, a satisfactory smile on my face, heading for a hot shower. The trails were not as muddy as I had thought they would be, but the longest puddle in ayrshire shows no sign of draining.

I'll definitely be night riding this week, need to get the climbing legs working again, and plan on heading to one of the stanes on Sunday. Happy biking.


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