Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bloody hell! Who's all that?!

Myself, Des and young Lloyd turned into west Kilbride railway station car park for the Friday night sprockets bike shop ride and thought just what I said in the title!. An absolutely amazing turnout, 16 of us for a spin up into the ayrshire alps.

The initial enthusiasm of the young bucks who bolted out of the car park didn't last past the first climb, when the old bulls (yes, I am now classed as an old bull!) ripped up the hill past them. Not long into the ride, we came across wee teeny toty Julie, and her trail hound Stuart, getting some secret training in on OUR trails, the bloody cheek of it!.

Anyway, a great night, warm, clear and the trails running fast as as hell. The only thing better than the trails was the pint of schiehallion in the village inn.

Sprockets shop rides may have a bit of potential after all......

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