Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day fairlie.

A full Scottish breakfast is not the best pre-ride meal, and certainly not when the sun is high in the sky and the ride starts off with a climb for over 5 miles, but that's how Sundays ride started!. My good lady wife and daughter had taken me out for a lovely breakfast for Father's Day, the breakfast was lovely, the service was not however.

So it was a rush job to get to Robins' house for a noon meet, and with Robin not riding due to the ladder in his tights still not being healed enough, he had the coffee on to accompany the cracking banoffee pie that Des had made. And we still had all that climbing to go. We had the pleasure of meeting Robins' dad, who seemed a smashing guy, and Robins' own good lady, who as ever was enjoying the bike chat.....

Also riding with us were Julie and her faithful omnipresent trail hound, Stuart, a pair of XC whippets who keep you on your toes, on the way up anyway ;-). We basically rode the big descents and went high to enjoy the views, finishing with the usual blast down Fairlie Glen, avoiding the plunge off the trail at the now renamed Klaus Korner, and jumped on a train back to Dalry. No mention of train fares though....



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