Friday, June 14, 2013

New trails....

Young Lloyd and myself had a local ride on our local trails up by the river Ayr last night, and had the pleasure of finding a new trail, in woods between Annbank and tarbolton. Must be over a mile of nice XC type woodland singletrack, but as ever, it doesn't lead where you would want it to. Approaching the end of the trail, we could see where we wanted to be at stair, but alas there were a few fields between us and the river Ayr way. Nice piece of singletrack though.

We then retraced or tyre marks and back to the stair section of the river Ayr way, which has become unbelievably overgrown with waist high nettles. This is supposed to be a bloody tourist attraction!. I feel another email to the council coming on.... Anyway, once at the river, the trails are better, but I don't know if I've ever seen the river as low as this in years, never seen anyone fishing at all as it would be pointless. Just goes to show how dry we've had it for a while now.

We then blasted back through Annbank, with Craig trying to get his strava 'king of the mountain' back in the bowling club descent, before hitting the jumps at mount Charles wood, then heading home. Good night, only 18 miles, but mostly singletrack. Nice.

The view toward the jumps



Young Lloyd on the wee double


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  1. Jumps look fun. We've got a jump and pump track v close to us but always full of kids... Far to embarrassed to try

    Will you be riding the new trail sgain?