Sunday, June 23, 2013

British road race championship Glasgow.

Standard, Fenn and the Manx missile

During an evening of BBQ, beers and good company, I decided that I fancied getting the road bike out to cycle up to Glasgow to watch the men's race at the British Road race champs in the city. Lizzie armitsted won the women's race earlier, and we saw her later on walking down bath street, always amazes me how small most of these roadies are.

Anyway, Craig and I left about half eleven and rode up the Kerrix road to symington and then into Kilmarnock, and onto the old A77 which is an excellent cycling road now, since the new M77 upgrade was done a few years back.

We met up with Drew and Julie at the clunch road, about halfway to Glasgow, and rode in with them. Drews a helluva strong rider and towed us all in the final few miles into the city. I've not ridden road for quite a while, but I felt pretty good and particularly enjoyed the sprinting and darting around the traffic in Glasgow, as I always do.

Just under 34 miles all in, not a bad run in 2 hours, as we had a fair old headwind most of the way to contend with. It's a different world watching these guys perform, they are so, so fast. They must have been hitting 50mph coming down West George street, and the speed in the chicane through Nelson Mandela square was quite jaw dropping.

When we left Cav was in the lead group, so there was only going to be one winner, as the likes of Ian Stannard and David Millar are not known for their sprinting ability, indeed, this was the result. Train back home in time for tea. Good stuff.



  1. Sounds like a fun ride with a purpose. Not long til tdf starts now... Can't wait

  2. Was a good day, Ads. TdF rocks, can't wait to hear that wee theme tune, it drives Maz mental! ;-)