Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chicken soup for the soul....

Robin and I decided to have a wee local spin, exploring trails we hadn't ridden before, in the carrick hills south of Ayr. The ride started off with a 10 mile road ride to fisherton, during which Robin was given a gift, a very special gift, from above. From a seagull, right plum in the middle of his napper. Thank heavens for bike helmets!. Possibly the biggest bird toly I have ever seen!.

So, we headed off the road at fisherton, and climbed, up and up to the forest above, with beautiful views over Arran at one side, and the southern uplands on the other, on a glorious November day. The ground was quite dry, so the going wasn't too hard, up until we got a bit lost, and had to heather bash our way over brown carrick to the road we were aiming for.

Robin can only go so long without a shot of soup, it's an age thing, so further exploration was decided against, as the caf├ęs in the town below were in danger of running out of the life-giving elixir, so we headed down the road and back to Ayr, for soup, rolls and coffee at the secret garden.

We had a right good blether, both of us getting the weeks travails off of our chests, which was good. A wee spin back to chez bowser, and the delights within. Fire, food and possibly a beer. 40k deserves a beer, I'd say.





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