Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grinding it out

I've not been posting much recently, due to a combination of a few things really. The riding I have been doing in the past few weeks hasn't been particularly 'exciting' per se, as I'm really just trying to grind out the miles in preparation for the strathpuffer in January. As such, I've not been taking the camera out either, so don't really have much in the way of pictures for the blog either.

So, after a week of road riding and ploughing through the mud on the river Ayr trails, I fancied a ride on an all weather trail, step up the handy trail centre. Robin, Julie and myself headed for kirroughtree and the black route in what turned out to be very mild temperatures. I don't ride trail centres anywhere near as much as I used to, due to a preference for more natural rides these days, but the ready made nature of these places is unquestionably perfect for when the rest of the country is mud-bound.

Jackets were quickly jettisoned, as there wasn't a breath of wind. Lovely.



So, onto my nightshift week, it'll be local nightrides all week, grinding away.


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